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Issue: December 31, 2011
How to Import Wine: An Insider's Guide
By Deborah M. Gray (Wine Appreciation Guild, 328 pages,)

In a previous life, I aimed to be a wine importer. I got so far as to assemble a group of small Bordeaux ch√Ęteaus willing to work with me, and had a professional in the field evaluate them.

"These are good," he told me. "You can probably sell them. How many cases can you get?"
"Two or three hundred cases of each," I replied.
"That's a start," he responded. "But what is your 50,000-case brand? You need that, too."

That's when I decided to be a wine writer instead.

I wish I had had Deborah Gray's book at hand during my wine importing days; I might have saved myself time and money. I'm sure that many other wine lovers dream of becoming wine importers, too. For them, this book is essential reading.

It doesn't pretend to be a roadmap to success; there is no such thing. But it raises many questions and suggests possible answers that any would-be importer must resolve before success is possible. Gray's personal story-told in short, often painful, anecdotes scattered throughout the book-give graphic evidence of the value of thinking ahead. Read it as you drink, and make sure you look before you leap.
-Thomas Matthews (executive editor)

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